One Month Until My Wedding!

Eight months down and one to go. Nearly everyday I get excited to marry the best man I have ever met. I, also, worry about things not yet paid off. Don't even get me started on all the odds and ends that still need to be taken care of.   What I have learned: Weddings…Read more One Month Until My Wedding!


Infernal Infertile Struggle

I sit here morose, Ugly, twisted with desire. Passion unfulfilled.   Unsatieted Eternal longing. Wishes... Endlessly Barren.   One torcherous step, Then another. Willingly, I march into hell.   Feet blistered and scorched Focused beyond the battle. My hope not yet lost.   Forever fighting To change a predetermined Unwavering tide.   Again, legs bloodied.…Read more Infernal Infertile Struggle