The wedding day:

Was a disaster by most brides standards and a success – let me explain.

  1. It was above 90% humidity and it was an outdoor ceremony and reception.
  2. It was hosted at Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, TN – they do not have cellular service whatsoever. Which I found out the day before the wedding.
  3. I decided to do a special playlist off of my phone (without downloading music in case of loss of signal) instead of a DJ. So, I was without music for both the ceremony and the reception.
  4. Over half of our guest got lost looking for the ceremony area – because of no signal and no one thought to bring use it. The ceremony started half an hour late, which was good because the officiant got lost and was late too.                                                                                     * TIP: If you send directions with the invites, resend them via text                                             the day before.
  5. My Photographers were a no show. No phone call or anything either.
  6.  My little sister showed up with a boyfriend that she is well aware I do not like and she brought his kids. In my opinion, this one was the worst.

Here is why it was a success:

No one cared that it was muggy, or that there was no music. Almost everyone has a phone or a semi-decent camera these days and my family was more than happy to help out and take lots of pictures (who doesn’t at a wedding??). My sister and her group did not stay for the reception.

Whats more is that I now have unique memories to share later, like my newly wedded husband asking his mother if he could go “play” in the creek. Not to mention the most important thing – My husband is even better than the man of my dreams and I was lucky enough to marry him.


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