Eight months down and one to go. Nearly everyday I get excited to marry the best man I have ever met. I, also, worry about things not yet paid off. Don’t even get me started on all the odds and ends that still need to be taken care of.


What I have learned:

Weddings are stressful, incredibly so.  They are also fun and exciting! Enjoy the journey.


Useful tools and tips:

  1. Order your dress and bridesmaid’s dresses early – you may change your mind about the dress or dresses and you do not want to have to rush your decisions based on time restrictions.

2.  Make sure to have a color scheme and theme in place before you start shopping or           putting money down on anything. Do not just make it up as you go – this mindset                 will have you overspending and leave you frustrated.

3. Add 20% to everything including guest count – I now have to plan and feed four                  people that I did not intentionally invite or receive an RSVP from. What can you do            it’s family. 🙂

4. Choose only a few to let you help you plan your wedding too many voices will sway           can sway you from what you really want and at the end of the day it is YOUR                       wedding – not theirs.

5.  Last but not least – Breathe. Not everything has to be handled, paid for, or planned              in a single day. Take it all in stride.



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