The Proposal

I know you are all expecting some big romantic gesture but… That is not the way it happened.

I was at work, working the overnight shift. I had some down time and my co-workers and I went outside for a break. I remember thinking about Orion and our future. I was considering lots of view points and problems. At some point I realized, I did not want to wake up or spend a single solitary day without him.

My shift ended around seven a.m. I went to see Orion. I woke him up and asked him to marry me. He was still half asleep and told me he would think about it. (Insert face palm.)

Of course, later the same day he could not recall any of the conversation. We drifted to other topics and put it behind us.

Exactly, one week later. Orion proposes to me, but of course, he is joking and messing around with me at the time. So, I did not believe his proposal to be serious. I inform him that he needs to propose to me properly and I will say yes. He agrees.

A year later, we head down to Tennessee to see family and friends. We get into town and have dinner with my father. Orion asks my dad if he has his permission to marry me. My dad agrees.

Some time later… Orion and I have a fight. We are both agitated and angry. Orion leaves and returns after awhile. He starts his rebuttal with fighting words and works his way into the sweetest words I have ever heard. It wasn’t Shakespeare but it could have made a dead rose bud bloom. I jokingly say that it would be the perfect time to propose and he tells me I ruined it. He was going to… I laugh, because it’s not the first time I have spoiled one of his proposal ideas. I suggest that he propose anyways, because someday it will be a funny story to tell.

It may not be a big romantic proposal with lights and snow. No photographer hiding behind a tree. No fancy date, or dress, or ring but it is ours and I could not have asked for more.


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