I Just Got Engaged!!

Sorry, I know it has been a few weeks and I swear that I was going to blog soon.

Like this one for example. lol

Right after I finished my 5 bites for a week diet, I went back home. Down south. My Boyfriend and best friend had dinner with my father and asked for my hand. (Yes, people still do that.) Although, if I am being honest, I made him.

I told him when we started dating that I was not going to marry him unless he asked my father. So, he did. Which, brings us to today. I am a nervous wreck. The wedding is in eight months and I feel as if it is in eight days.

I can already tell that I am going to be one of those crazy brides. I say that because I have uploaded a few hundred pinterest links in the past few days. I have downloaded an app that counts down to my wedding day (and I check it often.) I panic over items we have yet to purchase. I stress over money. I worry about bridesmaid dresses more than my wedding dress. I painstakingly work on DIYs and trying to make them beautiful, unique, and special. When all I really want to do is order it and let someone else worry about designs and whatnot.

I can already imagine my honeymoon. Romance free zone. A bubble bath, pizza and catching up on my sleep.


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