I weighed myself this morning and weighed the lowest I have been in years. 191.4 – That is a lot for some people. For others, they wish it was their weight. At the beginning, I was over 200 pounds. I started trying to lose weight years ago. Nothing ever worked. I never wanted it bad enough.

Then, I met someone. I was happy again and in love for the first time in years. . I stepped on the scale at 205.6 the heaviest I have ever been. I put on three more pounds in a month. I was furious that my weight did not diminish. How could it not? I was eating healthier than I had in my entire life.

I vowed I would never weigh that much again. So, I reduced some of the stress in my life, started watching what I ate and how much. I was down to 203.4 pounds.

Then, we moved and the few pounds I had managed to lose jumped back on. So, I started again. I started walking around the neighborhood. (Which, only lasted about two weeks. Who knew it is so hot up north in the summer?) I made sure to lower my carbs and sugar intake. I have looked up countless hours of weight loss videos trying to get the weight off.

Today, I am almost 15 pounds lighter than I was four months ago. I want to lose another 60 pounds in the next 10 months. When I do it, it will be the best birthday present I have ever had.


I want to write all of my journey down, so that I might inspire someone else who is going through a similar journey.



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