5 Bite Diet: Day One

5 Bite Diet: Day One – YouTube Video


5 Bite Diet: Day 1


Today, I started the five bite diet. I want to continue with it for seven full days in order to discover what effects this type of crash diet will have on me. Will it worsen my PCOS? Will I be able to lose weight?


Breakfast (10 am):

NO food. I am allowed to have a drink. I have coffee.


Lunch (Noon):

Bite One: Dark chocolate chips.

Bites Two through Five: Brown jasmine rice with cheese.


I know not the healthiest choices, but there is a reason to my madness. I want to see if eating essentially “forbidden” foods on this diet will still allow me to lose weight.

Seven hours later…. I started getting hungry about an hour or so ago. Also, I find myself low on energy.


Dinner (7:30 pm):

Bite One: Red Velvet Special K bar

Bites Two through Five: Veggie patty with ketchup and spring blend lettuce


Need to drink some water and still  no energy. Also, I have a small headache (which is not uncommon for me.)

See you tomorrow!! Night.


5 thoughts on “5 Bite Diet: Day One

  1. You need to eat breakfast as that’s the important part or at least drink juice. I am clueless how you controlling your hunger and crave for crabs. Good luck will be waiting from you to know how it goes.


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